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July 13th, 2024

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We are activists against the inhumane treatment of Targeted Individuals.

Synthetic Mental Illness

TI Guide

Many Targeted Individuals will appear to have psychological conditions, exaggerated by the chaotic situation that they now find themselves unwillingly involved in.

High-Pitched Frequencies

The Program

Unwilling participants of 'The Program' can generally hear a combination of high-pitch frequencies, differing from traditional tinnitus. Pulsing, Clicking, and other distortions are common in this effect...

Hear from Whistleblower
Bryan Kofron

Bryan Kofron

This is the unabridged conference call with Bryan Kofron, the Whistleblower with insider knowledge of the platform attacking American Civilians. The video on the home page was created/edited from this call.

The Resistance!

Join now!

We're working towards the tangible goal, of providing defensive solutions to TIs, Worldwide. That means familiarizing ourselves with the technology! We could really use some more brains...

Our Research

Our Research

We have consumed (and referenced) hundreds of scientific publications, so you don't have to! Surprisingly, the public has had access to the Microwave Auditory Effect since Sharp and Grove figured it out in 1973.

Reddit Forums

Reddit Forums

We've aggregated useful information into numerous posts in the Targeted Resistance Sub-Reddit. Almost everything that can be found on this forum has been transferred to the site, with additional detail. However, this forum serves as a discussion platform, whereas the site only serves content.

Not Schizophrenic

Targeted Individuals Are Not Schizophrenics

Targeted Individuals are falsely diagnosed by complicit Psychiatrists. On this page I have outlined the clear and distinguishable differences between a TI and a Schizophrenic...

Our Story

About Us

Curious about who we are and our progress on the front of a Technological Defense? Check out the "About Us" page and read what we've discovered. It still needs some work, but we're getting closer to a resolve...