January 21st, 2022

Who Are We?

Targeted Resistance is a plan... We're gathering as many individuals
as we can to formulate active defenses against the Technologies
that make Gangstalking possible!

TR Founder, here. I became a Target in February of 2021, in Louisville Ky. I was employed by an organization protected by the Department of Homeland Security, because they housed large amounts of industrial chemicals. I'm proficient in several programming languages, on both Linux and Windows. I was learning to implement changes in my Docker projects using PHP, to utilize the new PHP-8, because of the new performance improvements. Programming is one of the things I loved, before I became a synthetic schizophrenic, literally, overnight.

Our first goal has been understanding the technology better and we plan to eventually provide tested defensive countermeasures to Targeted Individuals, at affordable costs. Our target member-base is primarily composed of individuals with a technological and/or scientific mindset.

On this website, we attempt to refrain from as much speculation as possible and avoid questions like "Who?", "How?", and "Why?". The scope of possibility is overwhelming and the technology that we believe is involved is available worldwide. So, we'll stick to an obtainable mission... Understanding the "What?". We're all capable of understanding various sciences, should we find the drive, and choose to do so. At Targeted Resistance, we have decided to familiarize ourselves with Microwave RF Technology. More specifically, Pulse-modulated microwave radiation. It is my belief that this technology is capable of manifesting the vast majority of the effects that are affecting Targeted Individuals and I do my best to reference this information in the Research section of this website.

However, I have studied a laser-based technology and was briefly lost somewhere in particle physics, attempting to determine if light could possibly behave in a way that allowed it to penetrate solid-objects, and possibly steel structures. "Laser-Induced Plasma Channels" is an incredibly interesting science, but the closest publication that I found that almost referenced the possibility of light to penetrate a solid object, without destroying the material that it passed through, involved specially created nano-structures (synthetic material). This break-through eventually led to a special material that could become transparent, at the flip of a switch.

It's very difficult for me to use the word "impossible", especially after becoming a Targeted Individual, but to my understanding we do not yet have lasers that are capable of penetrating solid-objects, without obvious material degradation. Sure, a laser can penetrate steel, but it's going to burn a hole when it does. Leaving us with the understanding that this is RF technology...

The good news first... It is possible to block these signals. The sciences indicate that we can shield against it or jam it.

The bad news. Neither option is very affordable to the average Target. Jamming appears to be almost completely unfeasible. In terms of shielding, you simply need microwave absorbing or microwave deflecting materials (or both). Like earlier, I'll lead with the more disconcerting news...

RF Jamming! This one is tricky. We aren't currently able to acquire the equipment for testing, but we believe the RF sciences that are involved in this phenomenon are fairly straight forward. Nonetheless, the following paragraphs involving jamming are purely theory. At least, until we can get our hands on an industrial-grade spectrum analyzer. While we're sure it's possible to jam these signals, the hard part lies in determining the frequencies that are affecting you. Biological interaction with human/animal physiology has been shown to occur between 100 kHz and 300 GHz. If you know anything about RF technology, you'll quickly see a problem here. The technology required to jam that much bandwidth, is absolutely unavailable to a civilian. The Spectrum analyzer would help you determine, hopefully, a smaller subset of frequencies that can be "jammed" to alleviate the effects of V2K technology.

If you're looking for generic experimentation, 400Mhz - 1Ghz are the most prevalent frequencies found in the publications, listed in the Research section of the site that involve biological manifestations of the Microwave Auditory Effect or V2K, but even covering that substantially smaller range of bandwidth has proven to be a challenge for us, and we do not currently believe the average TI can afford the equipment required to produce such an effect. Not to mention, that only covers the range of V2K and, more than likely, will not assist against other Directed Energy Weapons.

Shielding (Deflect/Absorb)! Good examples of deflective material are metals, like steel. But, as many of you might have noticed, many structures aren't very efficient at deflecting signals. A company Walkie-Talkie, for example. It will transmit and receive communication from within a steel building, such as a garage or warehouse, but this structure might seriously hinder the distance of the transmission. We suspect that heavily reinforced structures, of specific compositions, could totally block these signals. We're working better define the above statement and possibly find materials that are cheaper to produce, making them more affordable to individuals affected by this situation.

Microwave absorbing materials aren't as common, but they appear to be the most-likely way that we're going to accomplish a successful defense or countermeasure against this technology... However, they're primarily used in small amounts in certain electronics and have other aerospace or medical applications. We've ran into some small Microwave Absorbing sheets on eBay, but unless you're planning to protect your pet hamster, they're too expensive for the general Target to line a room with. This, specific, area of science is where we're a bit stuck. Microwave absorbing material is generally an industrial thing, it doesn't have a residential market as far as we know. We are still searching, though. This exact reason is why this site exists. To gather minds, knowledge, and resources to meet the goal of discovering and sourcing the correct materials at an affordable rate.

If you'd rather consider a less technological approach, and attack the inhumane or illegal aspects of this phenomenon, Targeted Justice appears to be working on legal solutions, as well as organizing and helping members participate in protests. While they don't always directly quote publications and obsess over references, like we try to do, they appear to have access to numerous resources. They have obtained many Targeted statements, interviews, have amassed members, and are goal oriented with the agenda of changing or regulating this phenomenon. You can quickly see that we all have a similar agenda of changing the current state-of-affairs, but from almost completely different perspectives or mindsets. We have no official affiliation, but give them a look.

On that note, you can see our work in the Research area of the site, where we have aggregated as much undeniable information as possible.