December 9th, 2023

Who Are We?

Targeted Resistance is a plan...

TR Founder, here. I became a Target in February of 2021, in Louisville Ky. I was employed by an organization protected by the Department of Homeland Security, because they warehoused large amounts of industrial chemicals. Shortly after, I became a synthetic schizophrenic, literally, overnight. I experience Directed Energy Weapon attacks (Pain, pin pricks, sleep deprivation, shocks/zaps, etc), V2K (vulgar, character defaming, accusary) verbal dialog. At times it's overwhelmingly intense and persistant. However, I believe what makes a good leader in this phenomenon is that I've strengthened my resolve enough to maintain a full-time job for the vast majority of our funding, and have the remaining resolve in building the foundation of this resistance.

Our first goal is to organize individuals who are capable of actively taking part in research and events that could shift the direction of this phenomenon.

  • First Rule of The Targeted Resistance:       This isn't a support group.
  • Second Rule of The Targeted Resistance: This ISN'T a support group.

In all seriousness, if you'd rather consider a more litigative approach, Targeted Justice appears to be engaged in a $1.3 Billion dollar lawsuit against the DoJ, FBI, and CIA. They are also organizing and helping members participate in protests and meetups. They appear to have access to numerous resources. They have obtained many Targeted statements, interviews, have amassed members. They're goal oriented with the agenda of changing or regulating this phenomenon.

You can quickly see that we have a similar agenda of changing the current state-of-affairs, but from almost completely different perspectives and/or mindsets. We have no official affiliation, but give them a look.

On that note, you can see our work in the Research area of the site, where we have aggregated as much undeniable information as possible, in reagards to proving the existence of technologies that can induce the effects that Targeted Individuals experience.

I have created this organization to help us, and intend on being an integral part of the revolution that liberates and educates America.