February 28th, 2022

Targets Are Not

Targeted Individuals Are Not Schizophrenic

Ignorance has led many families into believing that Targeted Individuals suffer from Schizophrenia. On this page, I have posted a series of interviews of people who clearly suffer from psychological ailments and have been diagnosed by medical professionals as Schizophrenic and would like to show the clear and distinguishable difference between being a Targeted Individual, and a Schizophrenic.

The only statement that I'm making here... Is that we are affected by different circumstances. TIs are attacked by Technology. Schizophrenia is a Psychological Disorder. It is my goal to undo the brainwashing that has led society into believing that Targeted Individuals are affected by Schizophrenia. That same brainwashing prevents society from recognizing the various books, publications, acknowledgements, declassified documents, and the series of other documents showing where Psychiatrists are obviously complicit in an Agenda to medicate or label a population of America.

Also, as a side-note... I'd like to mention a few things...

Sure, many of us are attacked, but enough Targets have worked through their problems enough to publish 513 books on Amazon involving the Targeted Individual phenomenon and electronic harassment. Let me ask you something... What is the ratio of people who experience something like this, in comparison to the number of those people who write a book over it?

Here's a quick list of Doctors and Federal Personnel who validate this phenomenon.
 - Dr John Hall, M.D. and author
 - Dr Katherine Horton, PhD Oxford Univ. Scientist
 - Dr Robert Middlebrook, PhD Professor
 - Dr Harold Mandel, M.D.
 - Dr Daniel Lebowitz, M.D.
 - Dr Max Williams, PhD, Professor & State Dept
 - Dr Barrie Trower, PhD government Scientist
 - Dr Michael Hoffer, M.D., Univ of Miami
​​ - Dr Colin Ross, M.D.
​ - Dr Ed Spencer, M.D.
 - Dr Sue Arrigo, M.D.
 - Dr Douglas Smith, M.D., Univ of Penn.
 - Dr Terry Robertson, M.D.
 - Dr Robert Duncan, PhD former CIA engineer
 - Dr Doug Rokke, PhD government Scientist
​ - Dr Eric Karlstrom, PhD Professor
 - Dr Nick Begich, Scientist
 - Dr Paul Batcho, PhD government scientist
 - Dr Paul Marko, PhD Psychologist
 - Dr Robert Steele, former CIA analyst
 - Dr Ben Colodzin, PhD Psychologist
​ - Dr Curtis Bennett, Professor
 - Dr Corkin Cherubini, author
 - Dr Sean Andrews, Scientist
 - Willam Binney, NSA Whistleblower
 - Kirk Weibe, NSA Whistleblower
​ - Karen Stewart, NSA Whistleblower
​ - Carl Clark, CIA Whistleblower
​ - Kevin Shipp, CIA Whistleblower
 - Mark Phillips, CIA Whistleblower
 - John DeCamp, Army intelligence Whistleblower
 - Ted Gunderson - FBI
 - Geral Sosbee - FBI
 - Marc Polymeropoulos - CIA

In closing, to those who are so absolutely stubborn against believing us ... Let me ask you something... How many PhD holders, FBI/CIA/NSA agents and Scientists have to speak out, before we're believed and protected ? How many books have to be written? Short of acts of absolute terrorism ... What can we do to get NON psychiatric help against the absolute monsters that are trying to fucking kill so many of us?

Now... For a quick peek into the personalities, behaviors, and mannerisms of actual schizophrenic individuals.


I will lead with Cecilia. She has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and experiences visual hallucinations.

Anonymous Student (1983)

Diagnosed as Paranoid Schizophrenic

Anonymous Student (1961)

A Catatonic Schizophrenic

Daniel (2019)

Daniel is diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder

Chris (2021)

Chris is diagnosed with Schizophrenia

Gavin (2014)

Gavin's diagnosis has evolved from Schizoaffective to Schizophrenia. When he got older it became clear that things had evolved to full blown Schizophrenia.

Gerald S. (Posted 2007)

He is medicated in this video, as a Schizophrenic.

Tony (2009)

Diagnosed Schizophrenic.

Sue (2014)

"Satan's Eggs are in my Kidney's." - Diagnosed with Schizophrenia

Georginia (2008)

Thinks members of her family are vampires. Diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

Cindy/Mary Joe (2011?)

"I'm always suffering, because I think that I am God". Schizophrenic Case Study

Homeless Anonymous (2020)

"I got a boil on my nut-sack from for setting on a toy tractor... Something wouldn't right about that..." Schizophrenic Interview

Anonymous (????)

Time Traveler (1980s)