May 20th, 2024

The Resistance

Change Your Reality. Believe in Yourself. Stand up for what you believe in, and do so with others.
You can find our Mission Statement on the Our Story page.
Publication references and Research can be found here.

Click-Here to Join The Resistance! We're using Google Forms to collect the information, so that we can find statistical correlations between Targeted Individuals and maintain contact information. Feel free to also send an email, because like you we are Targeted Individuals and we don't always notice new form submissions!

We need strong, dedicated, and brave individuals willing to discuss defensive strategies against modern day tyrants. It will not be easy. Members need to be stable enough to travel to Kentucky and be prepared to stay for a night. If Members can't manage that, then how do you expect to contribute to the cause? With your keyboard sword?

Joining this movement could be the first real step in making any real progress towards combating real-world terrorists.