December 24th, 2023

Targeted Handbook

Incompetent Psychiatry or Cleverly Hidden Martial Law?

The Psychiatry Industry Is An Absolute Mess

Mental-Health Organizations and the Psychiatry Industry are fundamentally flawed from the ground up, having built the entire foundation on complicity in this cleverly designed presentation of Martial Law, and appears to be fueled by Pharmaceutical Sponsors or even caused by the Psychiatry Industry, itself. These disorders are known as Iatrogenic Disorders. One idea is that we've uncovered an agenda where the Psychiatry Industry presents as an advanced form of hypnotherapy, in a hidden attempt to force various populations to conform to a set of beliefs. Make an individual aware of a perceived problem, convince them that a prescribed medication will fix everything, and expose the subject to advanced conditioning tactics to coerce them into retaining a satisfactory set of societal standards.

What's interesting here, is that it appears that the American Government is using and coercing individuals like the famous Charles Manson and later Aaron Alexis into mass acts of violence to exaggerate our perception of the current state of psychology, which is a manipulative tactic deployed by overwhelmed individuals to paint a more grandiose picture of a problem to get attention, and is in itself a sign of mental illness. It's like stealing to bring attention to theft or murdering to bring attention to violence.

As Humans, we have achieved our state in the universe with one fundamental rule-set... Evolve & Adapt. Every healthy human is capable of overcoming more than we think we are, as a result of adaptive mindsets and the Targeted Individual situation is a prime example of this truth. The Program deploys a series of scenarios that are designed to cause the Targeted Individual to work-through a series of psychological disorders, perceived by our perfectly conditioned society as actual mental illnesses. Below, I've attempted to generalize a few examples of how The Program will attempt to refine the behavior of the Targeted Individual... I believe the perspective that I'm providing is seasoned by being a Targeted Individual, myself. It is my hope that this seasoning will allow me to better convey information to individuals that are affected by this situation.

To look through the eyes of another, back at yourself, is to observe yourself from the perspective of your unconscious mind.

Challenge: Using actors or V2K to plant ideas that co-workers or family are conspiring against you in various ways with subtle implantation of paranoid ideation, generally revolving around material that invokes our mechanisms for processing trust or relationship quality through internally perceived external observation. You may hear strangers/actors or V2K whisper or mutter things like, "We're onto you", "We're watching you", "Everybody knows", etc.

Explanation: In these situations, your unconscious judgement of external perception is mostly guided by your own behaviors and thoughts. I believe that it's our own somewhat delusional belief that we can read the minds of others, and it's within these assumptions that we judge ourselves, while feeling like it's the world that judges us. I believe the best way to explain this one, is through Spirituality. It's not as important to consider whether or not you're doing something universally unethical or immoral, so much as it is to behave as you believe that you should. It doesn't matter if it's stealing from Walmart or not making your bed. If you're not doing the things that you feel that you should be, you might find yourself obsessing over external observation. This can eventually lead to spoon-fed delusions revolving around your perceptions of the beliefs of others.

During a social interaction, our level of confidence determines the type and amount of introspection that occurs. The current health of your mindset is what determines how you think... Are you going to second guess your appearance, because you rushed out of the house without fixing your hair? Are you going to attempt to judge the moods or thoughts of others, due to personal issues that you're trying to work out? Are you going to carry yourself armed with confidence, courage, and a pickup line for the pretty cashier? Or, are you going to allow The Program to cause you to think everyone is out to get you?

Advice: The healthiest response maintains a balance between these thought processes; The Task at hand, and social introspection. Too much introspection is a form of obsession and the basis for several delusional disorders. It's important to work on refining your skills to maintain extended sessions of working through perceived problems while accepting constructive criticism (Internal or External), without leaving tasks, thoughts, or work unfinished. Your life could be dramatically improved with something as simple as keeping a clean room, house, or apartment and always brushing your hair before you visiting the external world. Keep looking forward and out, rather than within and recursively.

The problem with introspection is that it has no end.

Challenge: The persistent implantation (conditioning) of more generalized delusional ideation, requiring more time to process internal perspective or thought processes, by using actors or V2K to plant or reinforce Erotomania, Grandiosity, Jealousy, Persecutory, or Somatic Delusions like Hypochondria. The DEW/V2K combination can promote excessive masturbation (due to genital/prostate excitation), leading to obsessive atypical sexual arousal known as Paraphilia. Throw in a suggestions that promote paranoia and something like Psychosis can easily be induced by the "Gangstalking" or "Targeted Individual" program.
Ex; Noticing the same cars, of specific color or model, on specific or sporadic intervals throughout your daily activities. Possibly with one headlight out and possibly riding your bumper.

Explanation: In some instances, The Program seems to rely on your responses to induce unhealthy thought processes. Obsession or recursive thinking, without working through, and out, of these processes in their entirety is what I believe to be the foundation for delusion. Any form of thought-obsession dives you deeper into the recesses of your own mind, skewing your perception of reality by narrowing your awareness. Continuing this path will undoubtedly land you in an unhealthy state of mind or even a state of Psychosis, artificially induced by The Program, or occurring naturally. This is made especially difficult by the repetitious dialog that Targeted Individuals that experience the V2K are subjected to.

Advice: Take preventative countermeasures, like avoiding isolation and establish clear efforts to work through these issues. If someone suspects that they are Hypoglycemic (low blood-sugar), rather than allowing these thoughts to recurse into delusional ideation and spend an abundance of time thinking about being ill or dying, one should simply go to the doctor for a glucose test or purchase a glucose testing kit and monitor your own glucose levels while eating more nutritious foods and being more aware of your personal health. It's very important to be aware of self-isolating behaviors and the mental health of the company that you keep. It's usually an obsessive behavior or delusional belief that drives us into isolated states, which traps us with the company of our own minds. This, along with the V2K or suggestions planted by Gangstalking actors, literally fosters these negative behaviors, causing a form of feedback. Fears, confidence draining thought processes, and emotional states will snow-ball, unless we work them out. The V2K attempts to make isolation impossible. Despite this guide... I have long forgotten the meaning of peace or joy. It's the price we pay for dissidence. If you choose not to embrace the system, be aware of that choice and its cost.

If, by chance, you stubbornly decide the life of a dissident. Don't do it alone. Join the Targeted Resistance and be a part of something greater than yourself. Let's make those fuckers eat their gift-cards ...

Some people dream of success... Others stay awake to achieve it.

Challenge: Persistent and unrelenting physical stressors from Directed Energy Weapons inflicting pain in your teeth, temples, jaws and head, groin, or being felt as insect bites or itching face/nose or V2K harassment.
Ex; The very second that you fall asleep, what appears to be a neighbor slams something around that startles you, or you get a jolt from the DEW/V2K.
Ex; Temple/jaw/head pain is reported in many cases of targeting. ( Ex; ex-CIA Operative Marc Polymeropoulos)
Ex; Feels like a gnat or fly keeps landing in your nose or on top of your head and you can never seem to kill it.

Explanation: Sleep deprivation happens to be an effective way to introduce stress and is used as a tool in the military to more rapidly refine thought-processes and coping mechanisms for stressful situations and/or prolonged conflict. Combine sleep deprivation with DEWs manifesting as invisible insects biting you, along with spontaneous pain, and after a while you'll realize how truly crucial that sleep is to your health and simultaneously learn to work-through your issues with little to no sleep, as life often calls for. This particular challenge compounds the other challenges and increases the overall difficulty of the entire program. It is a form of literal torture.

An interesting observation; If the American Military believes that these tactics are the most refined and modernized presentation of conditioning/strengthening methodology, then why are two-thirds of Military Supreme Court Cases about Child Pornography?

Advice: Work on something when you can't sleep. It'll probably be at 2AM and everything will be closed. Take care of your home or vehicle. Change the oil, clean the house, do laundry, organize, etc. Benzodiazipine class drugs ( Valium, Klonopin, Xanax) are substances that make it  easier to deal with this program. They'll have a field-day with you, and probably your entire family, if you decide to use or participate in the sustained use of stimulants like Cocaine or Meth. They will break you, if at all possible. If you're going to use a substance, use the correct substance.

#FreeSpeech #SchizophrenicDoctor #DontListenToSchizophrenicDoctors #HopefullyHashtagDisclaimersAreLegal

Let go of hyper situational awareness... It's being used as a psychological weapon against you.

Challenge: Forced memory recall or the implantation of "intrusive thoughts". Spontaneous processing of ideas or memories.
Ex; You're cleaning the house and find yourself suddenly struck with something that is challenging to process. (A negative social interaction or fight with someone the previous day)
Ex; You notice someone that you find attractive and suddenly in-vision pornographic imagery. (This can actually happen without attraction and in seemingly inappropriate situations, like with family)

Explanation: Intrusive thoughts, as they occur in the Targeted Individual phenomenon, are an attempt to force a level of processing that can startle you, embarrass you, or cause you to quickly disconnect with a situation. These affects are primarily noticed by individuals who are shy, anti-social, or religious.

Advice: Burn yourself with it. Whatever it is, process the absolute shit out of it until it doesn't affect you as much. If it's the image or thought of a clown, acknowledge your strength against it. If it's pornographic images, interact with the individuals in your facility. If it's wrong or inappropriate, embrace the truth. The Program is trying to desensitize or condition you to a specific stimuli.

Embrace it when it happens, and let it go.

I believe that we are targeted for a while, before we become aware of it. In the days leading up to becoming aware of being targeted, I had began noticing many situational details. License plate numbers, specific details and emblems on cars, repeat occurrences, like cars with one headlight that I felt might have been tailgating me. My mind had become consumed and was processing a large amount of useless information... Naturally, you will see the same vehicles in your daily routines, they're your neighbors! Many shared ideas exist in the world, so you're going to see infinity symbols on multiple vehicles. I would see something in the news about Meta Company (Facebook's new name), see an Infinity Pipeline truck drive by, and then Jaymes Young - Infinity would play on the radio the next day, and that's all it would take to cause me start contemplating "signs". How can all these infinity symbols be occurring naturally?...

The truth is, I was developing my religious understanding from the idea that all matter and energy, and possibly our souls and consciousness, was recycled in one big loop of life. I can't tell if being Targeted was refining my understanding of Existence or if I began naturally obsessing over it, but this is what brought my attention to the infinity symbols. Emergence Theory and the scientific perspective of visualizing a higher dimension from the Human Perspective was an incredibly fascinating concept. And I can't forget the phrase, " All time, exists all the time". A Theory of Everything is interesting, but unless you want to dedicate your life to it, it's best to leave the details to the scientists that are already obsessed over these concepts.

Comprehending existence led me into obsessing over things that I did not understand, winding tighter and tighter until the thought processes conceptualizing reality began overtaking the reality where I lived and breathed. You know... The one where we have to pay bills, talk to people, and go to work. I'm not sure to what degree that being Targeted was affecting me at this point, but the time spent in important behaviors began to shrink... Cleanliness, health awareness, and my relationships all began to dive. Once I became aware of being Targeted, I completely lost my shit. It was only after about 9-months that I came to accept the Targeted Individual phenomenon and gave up on the obsession of being believed. To be honest, it's still a work-in-progress... Society isn't very receptive to the idea that a very powerful organization has imposed some form of Psychological Martial Law, and that the majority of the Psychiatry Industry is complicit. Finding publications like the Technological Simulation of Hallucination, by John J. McMurtrey, M. S. and Edward A. Moore, M. D. really helped, in this regard.

I don't recommend it, but if you're here... You might as well Evolve & Adapt. There's no known cure, but I've provided all the details that I have diligently collected over the course of a year. Many of you will need to work-through your own problems and come through the stages of many of these conclusions, yourself, and many will come to different understandings of this program. Keep your head up, stay informed, stay in contact, and join a cause.

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Like software, certain aspects of our health can be defined by recursion depth. Don't exploit yourself for the sake of simplicity.