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December 1st, 2023

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We are activists against the inhumane treatment of Targeted Individuals.

Synthetic Mental Illness

About Us

Many Targeted Individuals will appear to have psychological conditions, exaggerated by the chaotic situation that they now find themselves unwillingly involved in.

High-Pitched Frequencies

The Program

Unwilling participants of 'The Program' can generally hear a combination of high-pitch frequencies, differing from traditional tinnitus. Pulsing, Clicking, and other distortions are common in this effect...

The Resistance!

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Want to learn a few things about modern science or replicate the mysterious V2K? We're working towards the tangible goal, of providing defensive solutions to TIs, Worldwide. That means familiarizing ourselves with the technology! We could really use some more brains.

Reddit Forums

Reddit Forums

You will find an abundance of content here, but be warned... These are public support forums. It is filled, primarily, with personal opinion and venting. Please double-check the sources and references, yourself, if you wish to validate information...